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Annual cultural events




Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa ? Bielsko-Biała

Contact: Jerzy Batycki,

Bielska Zadymka Jazzowa was founded in 1999 as an extension of a concert activity ?Piwnicy Zamkowej?, an art club operated by the Union of Art and Theater. Soon it became one of the most important events of this kind in Poland. An irresistible festival atmosphere, world jazz stars coming to Bielsko-Biała especially for these concerts; that is the magnet that attracts fans of this type of music from all over Poland and abroad as well. Every year they have a chance in taking part of several concerts which are held together in stylish rooms of the Polish Theater and in a modern Gallery Sféra and also in a tourist cottage on Szyndzielnia hill (1,026 meters above sea level). During the past ten years of the festival there has performed 541 performers from 27 countries. Among them are also some jazz legend from the USA: Wayne Shorter, Hank Jones, All Foster; and from Europe: Henri Texier, Arild Andersen, Till Broenner, Richard Galliano, Nils Petter Molvaer, Roberta Gambarini, Saskia Laroo; and Poland: Jan Ptaszyn Wróblewski, Urszula Dudziak, Michał Urbaniak, Tomasz Stańko, Laboratorium, Leszek Możdżer, Ewa Bem, Anna Maria Jopek and many others.






Easter trades in Frýdek chateau


Every Sunday a week before Easter takes place a traditional Easter trade in the area of Frýdek chateau ? there is a sale of folklore and artistic souvenirs, crafts exhibition, horse riding in the park. Visitors can taste Easter specialties, sweets and also learn how to make Easter traditional ?pomlázka? (pussywillow twig) and decorate Easter eggs.





Festival of spiritual music - Sacrum In Musica - Bielsko- Biała

Contact: Bielska Cultural center,

Every year, Bielska Cultural center invites for the celebration of spiritual music, i.e. International music festival of spiritual music ? ?Sacrum In Musica?. Festival concerts have an ecumenical character and show a wide variety of spiritual and sacred music. In Bielsko- Biała they welcome together choirs of the Orthodox Church and also klezmer groups. There is possible even to listen to a Gregorian chant and gospels.



Mezinárodní festival loutkářského umění - Bielsko-Biała

Contact: Theater Lalek Banialuka,

An International festival of marionette art ? one of the most important and prestigious theater festivals highly accepted in Polish artistic world and even abroad. The theater presents the latest trends in the field of marionette art as well as in conventions of traditional marionette techniques. Since 1966, every two years, the most prominent marionette ensembles come to Bielska from all over the world. The openness to all theater trends, conventions and styles as well as the invitation to participate in theater performances focusing on adult audience, that all makes Bielska Festival very attractive. During the festival together with performances of the real masters of marionette there are presented performances of artists and theater looking for new forms of artistic expression.






?Beskydské veseléto? (Beskydy FunSummer) ? Frýdek-Místek

Contact: Tel.: 558 646 888,

Beskydy FunSummer it is a series of cultural events taking place in the period of summer vacations for citizens of Frýdek-Místek town and its surroundings, tourists and visitors of Beskydy region of all age categories and interests. Those events have a different character in order to entertain both kids and adults, or even seniors. For kids, there are organized western afternoons full of games, competitions and fun with the assistance of their favorite actors and singers. For earlier born kids there takes place an afternoon with songs - ?Odpoledne s písničkou? in a beautiful area of a local park. For families with kids are prepared a whole-day marathon full of fun and competitions. This event called ?Beskydské rekordy?(Beskydy records) has a spirit of fun and happiness. Another event called ?Jazz ve městě?(Jazz in town) is fully loaded with great atmosphere and definitely will satisfy those citizens of town and its visitors who fancy this type of genre. Come to enjoy our FunSummer.


International folklore festival - Frýdek-Místek, surrounding villages

Contact: Tel.:558 621 477,

Fans of folklore art can look forward to folklore from all over the world where change dance, music and singing of our region performed by local chores. Traditionally in the mid June, Frýdek-Místek town changes into a dancing town. Organizers of this traditional international festival are town Frýdek-Místek, Folklore Union of CR and Children folklore chorus Ostravička. We are all looking forward to welcome all folklore fans.


International music festival Janáčkovy Hukvaldy ? Hukvaldy


Annually this International music festival Janáčkovy Hukvaldy attracts by its program thousands of art-loving visitors into a beautiful area of Hukvaldy game-park where they are addressed by a universal language ? music that can over-arch ages, cross boarders and offer understanding and beauty. Janáček's work is always an inseparable part of festival dramaturgy; as well as other exquisite music composers, interprets and music entities. Festival is held from June to July. Organizer of the festival is Foundation Janáčkovy Hukvaldy.


Festival of Twin Cities ?Poznajmy się" (Let's get to know each other) - Bielsko- Biała

Contact: town Bielsko-Biała

The purpose of this festival is to present to Bielsko- Biała citizens the history, traditions, culture and attractions of tourist twin cities. It is an advertising of offers in the same way as in the earlier organized International markets Beskydy and together it is looking and making business contacts. This festival is intended for representatives of twin cities and contains several events such as meetings, conferences, sightseeing tours of the town and Beskydy, shows and performances, exhibitions and sports activities.




Sweetsen Fest - Frýdek-Místek


Music open-air festival is held in the first days of July. Its purpose is to introduce to general public the most interesting what is going on and continually is developing in the cultural sphere of Frýdek-Místek town. With a bit of exaggeration we can say that Sweetsen fest is by its character and importance the only festival of this kind and you will not see it anywhere else.


Beskydy accordion ? Ostravice


At the turn of months June and July there takes place an international accordion competition called ?Beskydská heligonka? which is held in the Hotel Freud garden.


Singing under the linden tree - Frýdek-Místek

Contact:, Tel: +420 777 728 094

These are concerts in the chateau park.

?Singing under the linden tree? is Frýdek-Místek longest tradition and it dates back to 1994. It takes place in July and August. During past years there had already performed many excellent musicians such as: Pavel Dobeš, Nerez with Zuzana Navarová, Karel Plíhal, Jaroslav Hutka, Hana and Petr Ulrychovi, Fleret with Jarmila Šuláková or also Yoyo Band.


Night full of Stars - Ostravice


A music festival ? field of TJ Sokol Ostravice.

It is held in early July, it is full of music, competitions and games for kids, though not only form them. However everyone can find something for each of them. The end belongs to a performance of a Star, disco and fireworks.


Exhibition of art free-time activities in Beskydy - Ostravice


A summer exhibition of art works made by people from Pobeskydí region which is regularly held from early July till mid August in the Hotel Freud assembly hall.


Ligocký fair - Komorní Lhotka

Contact: Tel.: 724 301 755, 558 696 826,

Ligotský fair - fun for kids, performance of chores and interprets of pop music. Its part is also a bike competition "Podgodulský circle".


International symposium ?Frýdlantský umělecký smalt?(Frýdlant art enamel)- Frýdlant nad Ostravicí.


This is a symposium and an exhibition. Frýdlant nad Ostravicí enamel tradition found its revival in an international symposium of enamel, which is held here annually in an early July. The town guests artists from all over Europe so that they could try out their enamel abilities within one week.



Beskydy Rally of Historical Vehicles - Żywiec, Szczyrk, Bielsko- Biała

Contact: Beskydy auto-moto club

An International Beskydy Rally of historical vehicles in the field of Podbeskydská rally has been held regularly since 1977. Every year, lovers of old automobiles have a chance to present their vehicles and it is necessary to mention that presented models are classics of high originality. The youngest starting vehicle comes from 1982.


International modelers' day - Międzybrodzie Żywieckie

Contact: Mountain School of Soaring ?Żar? AP

It is a regular event repeated every year and it is organized in a nicely situated airport of the School of Soaring on a hill Żar. The modelers? day, which started in 2004, then became one the biggest international modelers? events in Poland. A big amount of modelers from all over Europe (in past years there were about 150) bring there over 300 flying models of the present or even historical planes. Models differ from their originals only by its size. To create such a model takes very often up to several years.




Market of traditional crafts- Frýdlant nad Ostravicí ? market place


Market of traditional crafts takes place on Frýdlant square by the end of August. Visitors can watch performances of swordsmen, art work shows of blacksmith, wheelers or leather workers. Moreover, there are archaic fair attractions, regional specialties and traditional products. During the day there is a rich cultural program.


Frýdek historical festivities- Frýdek-Místek
Contact:, Tel +420 558 60 92 02Tato adresa je chráněna proti spamování, pro její zobrazení potřebujete mít Java scripty povoleny

By the end of August the area of Frýdek chateau changes and goes back into the Medieval Ages. There you can see the work of hawkers, knight's games for kids and adults, old-time musical and dancing groups, knight?s ridings, theatrical swordsmen performance etc. That is just a part of what you can see on Frýdek Square and the chateau area.


Sochov's ethnic festivities - Lhotka

Contact: Tel.: 558 686 423

Sochov's ethnic festivities are considered as an important event in Lhotka every year and are held by the end of August in the memory of Mr. Vincenc Socha ? a collector of folklore songs and dances from about Ondřejník region, a founder of long-term leader of folklore chorus Pilka.


Musical Harvest - Frýdek-Místek

Contact:, Tel.: +420 603571176

It is an overview of mostly folk, blues, bluegrass and country groups taking place in the mid August. Festival has its typical atmosphere, it is a meeting of musicians and viewers and therefore the fun after a program does not end and continues without instruments till morning.

It is a folk and country festival.


Week of Beskydy Culture - Żywiec, Szczyrk, Bielsko- Biała

Contact: Powiat bielski/ powiat Żywiecki,

Week of Beskydy Culture belongs to the oldest folklore events in Poland and even in Europe. It takes place among the biggest events from the point of size, length, number of performers and concerts as well as the number of visitors taking part in presentations. It is considered as the best concerning awarding of professionals, watchers, performers and mostly viewers. During that week there performing folklore ensembles present original wealth of folklore music, dance and singing, rituals and customs; folklore artists their creativity and cultural organizations and institutions their success in fields of protection, documentation and popularization of folklore culture. They underline its unbelievable atmosphere, magic of social entertainment, coloring and also program variety.





Radegast day - Nošovice


It is a traditional day in Radegast brewery. Radegast day starts at the beginning of September on several areas almost all over the village Nošovice. Visitors of this beer festivity can enjoy practical jokes, healthy exercises, top musical experiences, regional cuisine and excellent beer.


Exhibition of fruit, vegetables and flowers - Frýdlant nad.Ostravicí, House of Gardeners


It is a traditional exhibition of fruit, vegetables and flowers ? the most beautiful what has been grown on our gardens. The exhibition is completed by sale of flowers and flower bulbs.


International air show - Bielsko- Biała

Contact: Aeroclub Bielsko- Biała,

Air show is an unusual chance for people to see the evolution of planes, motor-less planes and parachuting. A complementary attraction is considered also historical planes and their replicas, special planes, choppers, sail planes and also flying models. This event is sanctified by various performances of artists, concerts, auditions, display of abilities of special units, rescue groups and also shows of fireworks.



St. John Session - Frýdek-Místek


In September you can visit theatrical-musical little festival ? St. Jan Session?, of people calling and listening, which is orientated not only to work coming from religious roots but also to work motivated by positive impact of mostly young people.


Festival Hudby Johanna Sebastiána Bacha - Bielsko ? Biała

Contact: Bielska Cultural center,

History of an International music festival of Johann Sebastian Bach dates back to 2000 year. Since 2003 has changed the process of the festival. Instead of a week full of music, the concerts are held from the mid September to the mid December. The last December concert is devoted to carols. Festivals has an attribute in its title ? International, because since its beginning accepted to take part also foreign organists like Michael Gailit from Austria, František Vaniček, Pavel Černý from the Czech Republic.


Days of Music in Chateau - Sucha Beskidzka

Contact: Town Cultural center in chateau Sucha Beskidzka/ major of town Sucha Beskidzka Days of Music in chateau ? set of concerts devoted to old time music is traditionally held in a knight's hall of a renaissance chateau. As every year in September in the chateau it is considered a real pleasure for classical music lovers. Within four September evenings there is possible to listen to exquisite concert carrying the title ?Echoes of old time music?.


?Beskydský ještěr? (Beskydy Lizzard) - Frýdek-Místek,


New scene Vlast, traditional cine-meeting

?Beskydský ještěr?is a national competition of film amateurs held in early September.


Jazz Autumn - Bielsko ? Biała

Contact: Bielska Cultural center,

Jazz Autumn - it is the youngest festival organized by Bielska Cultural center. First year of the festival took place in 2003. Since the beginning, the art director has been the most significant Polish jazz musician - Tomasz Stańko. Festival visitors can look forward to music of the top world quality and level in performing of artistic and world stars. In past years of Jazz Autumn took part guests like Manu Katch, guitarist John Abercrombie and John Scofield, and also saxophonist Ornett Coleman.


Evenings at the Telemann's ? Pszczyna

Since 1979, Pszczyna museum organizes annual meeting of music lovers so called ?Evenings at the Telemann's?. An interesting event ? connection of music in perfect performance with a tour around the chateu premises with a glass of champagne served down in the hall.

Georg Philipp Telemann (1681-1767), one of the most significant baroque music composers, in 1704 ? 1707 in summer time he used to come from Żar to Pszczyna as a court bandmaster and organist. During his life was very accepted and admired, after his death forgotten and recently again discovered and popularized due to those concerts. The chateau museum in Pszczyna was for this activity, which was connected with organizing of concerts, awarded in 2001 by the board of Magdeburg town with the award of Georg Philipp Telemann. They were awarded for ?...extraordinary contribution in interpretation, care and academic activity reflecting life and creativity of a significant music composer?.


Photo Art Festival - Bielsko- Biała

Contact: Foundation Center of Photography,

Foto Art Festival ? one of the most significant events in photography field in Poland. Festival is held regularly every two years in Bielsko- Biała and it gives a unique chance to see excellent photographies from photographers from all over the world. During the festival, in galleries, museums and other prestigious places in Bielsko- Biała, within two weeks there is presented a range of great individual exhibitions of prominent photography artists. The mission of the festival is to show and display variety of ways which an artist can take if he/she picks photography as an expressive device. The festival wants to show the process of photography in the past and now.




Beskydy folking or else meeting folk, folkrock and country Frýdlant n. O., Cultural House


By the end of November there is held a show and competition of folk amateur groups and individuals in cultural house of Frýdlant n.O. A competition awarded by Viewer Award and Jury Award. During the show there performs a famous group or singer, too.


Christmas exhibition - Frýdlant n.O., House of Gardeners

Contact: www.beskydy.comIt

It is a traditional Christmas exhibition of gardeners with a display of Christmas decorations and tens of Bethlehem. At the exhibition there is a sale of honey liquors, gingerbread and other Christmas sweets.






Symphony + International festival of advent customs, carols and crafts - Kozlovice


Festival takes place in the hall of Municipal Office, parking lot in front of the Office and on the premises of Wallachian brewery. Approximately in mid December there is held an International festival of advent and Christmas customs, carols and crafts. Festival lasts couple of days in Kozlovice and Ostrava.


Live Bethlehem - Frýdlant nad Ostravicí, náměstí


During the Christmas time, every year there in the sound of carols in revived biblical historical picture revives a story of Joseph and Mary and a born of Jesus. It is a beautiful show for young and adult viewers who spontaneously join the singing of carols glorifying the God's son and Christmas time.


Christmas fair - Frýdek-Místek, zámek ve Frýdku


This Christmas fairs are held in early December and there you can buy folklore and artistic objects. Fair is linked with shows of folklore crafts, St. Nicholas' present distribution, Christmas music and tasting of Christmas sweets and specialties.

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