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Microregion of Žermanice and Těrlice dams

The microregion of Žermanice and Těrlice dams was named after the water reservoirs that occur within the cadastre of membership villages of Albrechtice, Bruzovice, Dolní Domaslavice, Horní Domaslavice, Horní Bludovice, Lučina, Pazderna, Soběšovice, Těrlicko and Žermanice. The Žermanice dam reservoir was built up on the river Lučina. Due to insufficient wateriness of the river Lučina, it was established an additional water feeder from the river Morávka. The Těrlice dam reservoir on the river Stonávka within the Těrlice area was constructed in order to supply mines and Třinec ironworks with production water and for purposes of flood protection as well as holiday purposes. These dams are much-sought-for vacation spots because of the rich sporting enjoyment, relaxation and fishing. The neighbourhood of dams offers many accommodation as well as boarding options of different standards (camping sites, pensions and hotels) and rendered services. In local restaurants, you can enjoy the regional specialities or traditional as well as exotic drinks. Along the Žermanice and Těrlice dams or within their closeness there are several marked cyclo-tourism traces which will direct you to romantic corners or sights of this region.


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