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Euroregion Beskydy and sport


People in today?s over-engineered and hasty world perceive sport as an activity of several top individuals who in given disciplines reach their peak. However, all the excellent skiers, skaters, athletes or bikers started in the close by neighborhood, with their sedulity and tenacity they have worked themselves up to the top of their disciplines. Are those not the right conditions found in Beskydy? Do not get mistaken! Euroregion Beskydy ? it is the place, where you can practically try any kind of sport. Polish-Czech-Slovak Euroregion offers relaxation, vacation and a range of leisure time activities, as well as adrenalin. You will find ski areas with plenty of downhill slopes, cross-country tracks and snowboard areas; a network of marked bike tracks , hiking paths, hypo-paths, swimming pools, aquaparks and reservoirs, where you can try out various types of water sports or even fishing. Adrenalin sport fans can addict themselves to parachuting, paragliding, canoeing or motorless flying. There is no problem in probing one?s skills in roping centers or bike-parks, or even in summer to ride down a ski slope on a scooter.

Beautiful Beskydy countryside with mountain broken terrains and serpentine valleys crossed by large system of streams, rivers and water reservoirs with lots of paths, roads and trails directly challenge to a number of sport activities in summer and winter time. Natural Beskydy sport environment provides a wide range of sport entertainment through sport facilities, resorts and necessary equipment all over the Euroregion territory.



The Beskydy ? there are tangles of pathways and trails which are followed by guide signs and nature trails informing tourists about history, the present and natural phenomena or places of interests. They offer tourists taverns, places of views and other attractions. They will lead you to the most beautiful mountain ridges or to picturesque valleys with typical countryside architecture. We are unable to offer you all the Euroregion tourist attractions, as its offer is so wide as you can only imagine. Therefore, we are giving you only a few tips for hiking, which will definitely overwhelm you.



The same inexhaustible range of possibilities awaits you if you choose to travel by bike through Beskydy. Euroregion Beskydy takes pride in a large network of bike tracks, which will allow you getting to know the most beautiful and most interesting nooks of the mountains, picturesque nature, as well as inventions of civilization. They will lead you through territories that a man had transformed into cultural countryside centuries ago and allows you, apart from physical experience, to learn about history and the present of this Euroregion. We have prepared for you several tips, which you can pick according to your potential, abilities or mood.

Let?s go biking!



We have travelled the Euroregion Beskydy in all directions, got to know the countryside and people and tasted regional cuisine. So now, it needs a bit of leisure, entertainment and relaxation. What about water? A river, a dam, an outdoor or indoor pool and maybe a whole

aqua park. Even that, we can offer in the Beskydy Euroregion.

Let?s go enjoy the water!



Ski resorts


Earlier in the mountains people used to ski on every hill. Today it is different. Comfort of ski lifts and chair-lifts are connected with mass favor of alpine skiing that lead to a development of Beskydy ski resorts. Nowadays, they offer services of all categories ? from real beginners to efficiency skiers. In the resorts, there operate many ski schools, which will teach you basics of the sport, the little or the big ones. Ski services, rentals of skis and ski equipment, catering services and sufficient parking capacity are considered as standard background of all main ski resorts in the Euroregion.

Try it, too!


Winter cross country skiing trails


In Beskydy we do not forget about lovers of the white trail. Every year, there arise more and more cross country skiing machine-maintained trails, circuits which differ in length and levels of difficulty. Mostly in favor are ridge trails or less difficult circuits, developed as winter use of golf courses. What you need it is only to choose the right wax. And Go!


Other sports disciplines


And for those, whom our offer was not sufficient, we will supply you with many other leisure time activities, apart from pitches, courts and sport areas. They are a bit tougher but only from the outside. For us who knows how, it is an entertainment as any other. For the others it is a challenge to try out and learn?


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