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Frýdlantsko-Beskydy microregion

The Frýdlantsko-Beskydy microregion includes twelve villages and one town extending within the pictorial and touristically attractive environment of the Beskydy Mountains. The microregion territory reaches the protected landscape area of Beskydy and its woody areas merge sporadically into nature preserves. Except for the natural beauties, the region disposes also of historically significant monuments and attractions. Tourists can count on many marked tourist traces, ski lifts and slopes equipped with artificial snowing, consecutive skiing and running traces, cyclo-tourism traces, riding halls, riding trails and golf playgrounds. This sporting offer is enlarged with possibilities of playing tennis in halls as well as on clay courts, other opportunities are represented by water reservoirs, bathing establishments and swimming pools in some of the mountain hotels, and even by beach volleyball courts. Visitors to the Frýdlantsko-Beskydy microregion can choose among large accommodation and catering capacities ? ranging from dormitories, camping sites (tents, house trailers, chalets), flophouses of domestic type up to modern hotels. In addition to the common services, the local restaurants make effort to produce also entertainment programmes. Price relations of all services may be a pleasant surprise as they are attractive and exceedingly competitive in comparison, for example, with the regions of Krkonoše or Bohemian Forest. Tourists can rely on hospitality of the local people. The Beskydy Mountains are interesting in the course of any season and in any of their locations. You will see yourselves!

The microregion consists of the following villages: Bílá, Baška, Čeladná, Janovice, Kunčice pod Ondřejníkem, Lhotka, Malenovice, Metylovice, Ostravice, Pržno, Pstruží, Staré Hamry and the town of Frýdlant nad Ostravicí.


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