Staré Hamry

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The village Staré Hamry lies in the wide valley of Ostravice river in central part of Moravian-Silesian Beskydy in a beautiful countryside of the natural protected reserve of Beskydy mountains full of deep forests and views of surrounding mountains. The first mentions about the village date back to 1640, when ironworks were established here. After the new ironworks started to be built in the surrounding villages, the settlements started to be called ?hamry?, so this is what Staré Hamry derives from.
In 1960´s there was a dam reservoir for drinking built on Ostravice river, which flooded part of Staré Hamry and changed the modern history of the village. Present village lies on the banks of this dam. Prevailing majority of the inhabitants however lives in a beautiful unrepeatable environment of traditional Beskydy settlement in villages and secluded places that are scattered on elevated sides of Beskydy mountains. Staré Hamry is a centre of summer and winter tourism. The mountains are interwoven by a web of tourist paths, on the crests there is a series of recreation facilities, mountain chalets, cross-country skiing tracks and cycle tracks. Staré Hamry is a favourite place of destination of visitors not only from the near region of Ostrava, but also from abroad. Local points of interest include the monument of Maryčka Magdonová, memorial land mark of Moravia and Silesia and wooden church of the Virgin Mary on Gruň.


Objects of interest:

- Wooden church of the Virgin Mary- church of 1891 consecrated to Virgin Mary

- Church of St. Henry ? church of 19th century, on whose central altar there is a painting of the patron St. Henry

- Monument of Maryčka Magdonová ? relief of academic painter of Ostrava, sculptor A. Handzel

- Water reservoir Šance ? supplies drinking water to Ostravsko, parts disappearing underneath its water level include Staré Hamry and railway track from Ostravice

- Natural reserves - Draplavý, Podgruň, Poledňana and Smrk

- Illustrated path from Staré Hamry to Javořina ? originally the way of kids to school from Javořinka

- Charbulák Hotel on Gruň ? the oldest mountain hotel in Beskydy

- White cross ? recreation area on the Czech and Slovak border, which was given its name by the painted cross standing there until present. You will find experimental ecological working site here that can be visited on the basis of previous agreement.


Leisure time:

- Illustrated path Samčanka - Javořinka

- Crossborder running track Czech Republic-Slovakia

- Ski resort - SKI MSA Gruň - Staré Hamry

- Instructive trail Gruň ? Bílý kříž ? 10,5 km long trail with 14 stops



Instructive Trail Gruň ? Staré Hamry ? the trail is 10,5 km long. It starts above the monument of Maryčka Magdónová and ends at Bílý Kříž. It has got fourteen stops that makes the tourists acquainted with the history of the territory, nature and tourist possibilities of Staré Hamry. The trail is intended for pedestrian tourists, cycling tourists, families with children and seniors - simply for all the inhabitants and visitors of Staré Hamry and can be excellent instructive and educational feature for school trips.


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