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The history of the village probably started in 15th century. The first written mention about Čeladná however dates back to the very end of 16th century, when the village is recorded in the land register of the dominion of Hukvaldy of 1581. According to the legend the name of the village is derived from the word "čeládka" (domestic servants), who had to walk on regular basis to Hukvaldy.

Čeladná is a picturesque village lying in the heart of Beskydy mountains. You will find a beautiful and sometimes even untouched nature in Čeladná, splendid valley of Čeladenka river, streams with crystal clear water as well as many opportunities to actively spend a family holiday, weekend in two or entertainment with friends. Čeladná has been recently experiencing a stormy development. A new square grew up in the centre of the village with tens of flats, shops and a hotel. Spa tradition as old dating back to 1902 is followed up by rehabilitation centre together with newly built Lara Wellness centre. Also thanks to the 36-hole golf course area Čeladná belongs to the most frequently visited places of Northern Moravia.


Objects of interest:

- Church of St. JohnNepomucký ? Roman catholic church of 18th century

- Chapel of St. Cyril and Metoděj ? located at the stream of so-called Cyrilka. It is a wooden logged chapel with distinctive pyramid roof

- Natural reserve in Podolánky - swompy pine grove on the peat moor lying in the altitude of 630 to 700 m meters above the sea level, approximately 9 km to the south of Čeladná.

- Wolfram Instructive Trail - Podolánky ? the route focuses on the group of parachutists Wolfram in this area The individual plates mention the biographies of the members of Wolfram and destiny of the entire group

- Memorial of Josef Kalus ? permanent exposition of life and work of the inhabitants of Čeladná from the medieval age up to present and "Walachian nightingale" poet Josef Kalus


Leisure time:

- Indoor swimming pool, relax centre in Prosper hotel ? indoor heated swimming pool in Greek style, genuine Finnish, infra and bio sauna, new fit centre, possibility of sports and relaxing massages, steam cabin with massages etc..

- Wellness Moon Room Čeladná in the boarding house U Holubů - whirlpool, cabins with sea climate and sauna. It is possible to order massages ? lava stones, honey detoxication massage, classic massage

- Prosper Golf Resort ? two master eighteen hole golf course with rich background for the golf players

- Prosper Horse Ranch ? equitation school for the beginners and advanced horse riders in any equitation style

- Ski resort - Kociánka



Rehabilitation centre of Beskydy ? is a follow-up to the spa tradition coined in 1902 by the well-known physician Dr. Jan May. The then Spa Skalka assumed its name according to the highest top of Ondřejníky mountains and served originally as sanatorium for the miners from Ostrava. The advantages of the spa include location of the spa houses in forest park with excellent climatic conditions, Ferdinand?s spring and a wide selection of palaeographic and therapeutic courses. Polarium is also definitely worth visiting. It is a whole-body cooling therapy at a temperature of -120°C and it was put in operation in 2004 as the first one in the Czech Republic.


The Wellness centre in the Apartment house Lara is intended to spa patients.

Whirlpool with massaging nozzles, counterflow and water shoot, aroma sauna, mist, tepidarium, salt cave, fitness and try also various massages - classic, honey and lava stone massages.




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