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Lhotka lies on the slopes of Ondřejník ? mountain, which, though solitary, makes part of Moravian-Silesian Beskydy. The records of its founding was not preserved, undisputable fact is that the village existed already before the year 1359 and that it was founded on the basis of emphyteutic law. The monument of the history of the village is the chapel of Visitation of the Virgin Mary, two iron crosses from the ironworks of Frýdlant and several preserved wooden log constructions. Lhotka lies in a beautiful mountainous landscape and is frequently visited by tourists, who can choos from a rich selection of various hiking, cycling and cross country skiing tracks to the top of Ondřejník as well as to central part of Beskydy. On the ridge of the mountains you can enjoy fascinating views and visit several well equipped mountain chalets and agrotourism facilities.


Objects of interest:

- Chapel of Visitation of Virgin Mary ? of 1844

- Cast iron crosses at the chapel near homestead no.1 ? castings from the ironworks of Frýdlant


Leisure time:

- Sports facility of Kuřín ? tennis courts, gymnasium



Socha?s ethnographic festival - since 1936 there was an ethnographic group which was lately called Pilky. Under the lead of V. Socha they practiced new performances, and they regularly performed in Strážnice, for the last time in 1966. In the past the ethnographic festival was organized in 1961 and 1964 and was attended by several groups. This tradition is followed-up by Lhotka only in 1995, when the mayor of the village Josef Krpec initiated a folklore festival to remind of 25th anniversary of the death of V. Socha. Every year at the end of August the village organizes Socha?s ethnographic festival in Lhotka underneath Ondřejník in honour of the collector of folk songs and dances from around Ondřejník, the founder and long-time head of folklore group Pilka, Vincenc Socha. The festival is attended by children folklore groups as well as adult folklore groups.



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