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Baška lies in the foothills of Beskydy mountaints, to the south of Frýdek-Místek. Its name is derived from the old Walachian ?Baška?, which is an expression for sheep. The first historically documented record of existence of Baška dates back to 1434. We can assume however that the village was inhabited already and the settlement is thus several tens of years older. The area of Baška is flown through by Ostravice river from the south to the north and also by smaller streams Bystrý, Porubený and Beštice, which supply water to the recreation dam reservoir. The recreation dam reservoir accentuated Baška in the region, as it allows for a family recreation and fishing. The hiking fans and also more demanding tourists will appreciate cycle tracks and terrains in the immediate surroundings of the village.


Objects of interest:

- St. Wenceslas church ? Roman catholic church of 1933

- Husův house ? significant rectangular single-aisle construction with a high triangular face

- Statue of St. John Nepomucký ? precious and one of the oldest sacral monuments in Baška of 1837, which was carved in sandstone by folk sculptor Garba


Leisure time:

- Water reservoir Baška ? recreation reservoir for bathing, water sports and fishing

- Bowling Bašťanka ? two tracks with a capacity for 35 people

- Outdoor sports premises ? two sports grounds with artificial surface and two beach volleyball courts in the rest camp at the dam reservoir



Dam reservoir Baška. Water reservoir in Baška originated in places where fishpond was located in the past with an area of approximately 20 ha on Baštice river stream. The purpose of the water work is the recreational use and in completely extraordinary situations it is supposed to be a compensational improvement of Ostravice for industrial purposes. Characteristic island in the middle of the reservoir was built artificially. Water reservoir serves for recreation and is suitable for bathing as well as water sports. In the surroundings of the dam it is possible to sleep under canvas in the adjacent rest camp. A walk along the banks of the dam is 3 km long and allows for a beautiful view of the region.





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