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The territory was populated in the course of Walachian colonization in 15th to 18th century. Walachian pastoral colonists of Slovak, Polish, Ukraine and Rumanian nationality introduced alpine farming on mountain sidehills of Zadní hory, which gave the region its specific nature that was preserved until today. Bílá village has been independent since 1951. An important change was the construction of dam reservoir Šance. The railway track from Ostravice to Bílá was closed in 1965, as it had to give way to the construction of the dam. The dam increased the water management importance of the area, having become an important source of water for the region of Ostrava. The village and its surroundings provide opportunities for recreation and sports life. It is popular among the tourists, cyclists and skiers. The area is searched for in summer and winter period. The vacationers have a rich selection of tourist tracks leading on the mountain crests, through valleys of mountain streams and calm coves. Nature lovers can admire picturesque hills, sunny meadows, steep slopes, unusual lookout places as well as original nature communities.


Objects of interest:

- Wooden church of St. Fridrich ? the most interesting monument of 1870´s, whose high and slim tower reminds of Nordic architecture

- Hunting lodge ? archbishop lodge, whose jacket protected with shingles maintained its original appearance.

- Na Hlavaté Chapel ? the chapel is consecrated to St. Cyril and Metoděj and its style reminds of the constructions of Jurkovič (Libušín and Maměnka on Pustevny etc.)

- National natural reserve Salajka ? forest reservation formed by very precious residues of the original fir-oak forest with average tree age of 280 years

- Belvedere Čarták u Třeštíku ? 30 m high look-out tower on the hill with the same name


Volný čas:

- Sun outdoor Beskydy - rental of downhill scooters and mountain bikes, Nordic Walking, trampoline, archery with training centre, rental of snow-shoes and snowblades in winter

- Ski resorts - Ski resort Bílá, Bílá - Mezivodí, Bumbálka, ski resort Celnica Třeštík,

- SKI Klema Masarykova chalet Bumbálka

- Snowparks - Gravity Snowpark in the ski resort Bílá



Ski resort Bílá ? more than 5 km of downhill slopes are maintained on daily basis by most modern machines and covered with artificial snow. Fast ski pleasure is supported by four-seat chair lift and other four ski lifts. In the southern part of the area there is a snowboard park for snowbordists with jumps and obstacles. Children can enjoy TOP kid ski park, funicular lift, movable carpet and Rotondo merry-go-round. The area is fully equipped with quality background ? rentals, ski services, catering services and accommodation facilities. Cross-country skiing fans can make use of three cross-country skiing tracks with the length of 6, 20 and 33 km.

If you want to taste something more, there are organized trips in snow-shoes. Such trip can be crowned in a stylish way at mulled wine and sausages in an authentic Indian tepee. If it is not enough for you, borrow some snowblades.

Ski resort Bílá offers various activities also in summer period. You can shoot with bow and arrow, exercise on trampolines or downhill rides on a scooter. However, you do not have to push the scooter up on the hill. Since June to September there is an operable four-seat chairlift Zbojník.




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