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Janovice lies at the foothill of Moravian-Silesian Beskydy, aside from main roads. On the basis of the surrounding villages existing already in that particular time Janovice is assumed to have been founded at the turn of 13th and 14th century. Janovice is mentioned as settlement in 1447 in the record of the parish office of Dobrozemnice (current Dobrá). It was a part of the dominion of Frýdek administered within the principality of Těšín. In 1573 the dominion was separated and bought by Matouš of Lohov. The first mention about the village dates back to those times. The village offers its locals and visitors an opportunity to rest in an attractive Beskydy countryside. There is a church of St. Joseph with a remarkably beautiful pseudo-gothic interior, orchard of Petr Bezruč and residues of a medieval castle. It is a place run through by a market cycle track and tourist paths that make the village a good starting point for trips in central parts of Beskydy mountains. View of panorama of Beskydy mountains from Janovice is an unforgettable experience.


Objects of interest:

- Church of St. Joseph ? neo-gothic church from the end of 19th century

- Malý and Velký pahorek ? protected landscape with residues of barrier reef of the Western Carpathian Mountains


Leisure time:

- Hradisko ? natural amphitheatre, which was born by rock quarrying in the area below the medieval castle of 14th ? 15th century. Today it serves for organizing of small cultural-social events.

- Orchard of Petr Bezruč ? another centre of cultural life of the village. In the upper part there is a fruit grove and in the bottom part there is a garden house for organizing of social events.



Bandit Ondráš ? whose real name is Ondra Fuciman, 13. 11. 1680 - 1. 4. 1715, is one of the biggest personalities of the village and the entire Moravian-Silesian Beskydy. He was born as son of Fuciman of Janovice. Ondráš lived his youth in the times, when the owner of the dominion of Frýdek was owned by František Vilém Pražma, who oppressed the people very much. He prescribed big obligatory payments and labour duties. For this particular reason many owners of the homesteads were escaping from their property, left their fields fallow and organized rebellions. Even if Ondra does not have to rebel, as he was born in a rich family, he became bandit maybe just because he saw the suffering of the vassals. He organized the unsatisfied farmers, became their leader and together they invaded manors, rich merchants and noblemen in Frýdek and Hukvaldy. He dwelled in the woods and mountains of Beskydy and was called the Lord of Lysá Hora. His life was ended by betrayal ? his fellow Juráš killed him for money in Sviadnov in 1715. Commemorative plaque to bandit Ondráš is hung on the pub in Janovice.




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