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Enchanting town Bielsko-Biała is situated at the foot of Beskydy, near to the lake Zywiecke; it is one of the most interesting towns in the south of Poland and is frequently visited by tourists. Bielsko-Biała known as ?small Vienna? attracts attention not only by its beauty and architecture, but also by its fascinating mountainous region. Town was formally founded on the 1st January 1951 by the unification of Bielsko (town situated in region of Těšín with first written mention dating back to the year 1312) and little Polish Krakovská Bělá (established at the end of 16th century). It is a partnership town for the city of Frýdek ? Místek same as for all Region Beskydy for many years and it is cultural, social and sports centre, place of amusement, pleasure, music and good meal.


Places of interest:

- Castle of kin of Sulkovsky

- Town-hall Bialsko

- Roman-Catholic Church of St. Mikolaj

- St. Stanislav Church

- Church of the Assumption of The Holy Virgin Mary

- Church of the Divine Care

- Protestant church of the Messiah

- Wooden church of St. Barbara in Mikuszowice

- Historical station house

- Museum of engineering and textile industry

- University Akademia Techniczno-Humanistyczna


Leisure time:

- Theatre

- Town house of culture

- Cultural centres

- Galleries

- Stadiums

- Sports halls

- Courts

- Sports and relaxation centre

- Swimming pools

- Tennis courts

- Riding houses

- Skating rink

- Cable cars

- Ski lifts



Museum of the engineering and textile industry

Museum was established in the year 1979 and it was opened for the public on the 2nd December 1996. Its collection is formed by fair goods of Regional museum of machines and equipments acquired from local textile factories same as by number of fair goods of field out of textile industry. Museum collection contains also fabric samples of local textile factories, equipment for fabric printing same as radio receivers, television receivers, gramophones and tape-recorders, gramophone discs, photographic equipment, sport utensils, computing machines and typewriters. Zawiera również sprzęt gospodarstwa domowego (żelazka, wagi, pralki, maszyny do szycia, formy do ciasta, maszynki do mięsa). Includes also domestic appliances and utensil of all kind.

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