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Association of municipalities Silesian Gate (Slezská brána)

The Silesian Gate region consists of eight towns and villages ? Šenov, Vratimov, Paskov, Sedliště, Řepiště, Kaňovice, Václavovice and Žabeň ? extending within the triangle between the towns of Ostrava, Havířov and Frýdek-Místek. Thanks to its position, natural assets and landscape, it constitutes a recreational basis for the suburban tourism. Its landscape morphology with broken terrain without big differences in elevation provides ideal conditions for all types of cyclotourism.

Villages and towns of the region are prepared to offer to their visitors all what they would need for using the free time and satisfied stay: accommodation, boarding, cycling tracks, variety of recreational sports and bathing.

The landscape providing a distant view of the Beskydy skyline will gift the visitors with nice adventures and offer possibilities of meeting also new sights occurring here in a large number. Find out yourselves!


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